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 Brenden the avatar child

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PostSubject: Brenden the avatar child   Sat Mar 28, 2009 7:54 am

Character Template:


What Style Of Bending:
all earth(ground, rocks, metal, sand, ect.)

Was born in the Fire nation to a Firebender(dad) and nonbender(mom). He had 2 siblings(1 of each), both nonbenders. Brenden was also born blind. He was an inventor. The 1st thing he created was two small fire making cylinders that worked only if there was lava rocks in them. He made many other things, but they all did the same thing, failed. When he was at school, he learned that some kids from important families were temporarily going there. He met them and found out that their names were Azula, Zuko, Tai Lee, and Mai. They became friends even though Brenden despised what Ozai was doing. Brenden learned that he could Earthbend and had Earthsight. He was practicing mixing the earth and fire. When he jumped, his parents came out and he didn't realize until he landed. He quickly "looked" back at them. He was still a beginer at face detail, but it looked like they were smiling. They brought him in and told him that they are related to avatar Kyoshi and that kids can have random bending abilities. They also told him that his mom is really an Airbender and that his sister was a water bender. They also said that since Kyoshi was an Eath avatar, Earthbenders were strongest in the family.

Black hair, pale green eyes, regular long-sleeved clothes, sometimes a red cloak around him

nice(mostly to girls), sometimes makes fun of people

compact fire makers

(From 1 to 80, and one stat can be 90 or 100)

Physical Attack - 65
Physical Defence - 65
Bending Defence -75
Bending Attack - 76
Bending Ability - 92
Speed - 74
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Brenden the avatar child
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