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 Ronoskai Wind Bender

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PostSubject: Ronoskai Wind Bender   Mon Dec 22, 2008 7:45 am

Character Template:


What Style Of Bending:
Wind bender
He was born in the north air temple and he grew up there to the age of 15,he became a very strong air bender.He then experimented with the air element ans her continued to shifting it and twisting it at soon became air moving rapidly it became wind.He had made air bending more powerful.He had finished in all of his training in his new discovery and set out from the temple and began to travel all over for no reason not to learn another styles or anything he just roamed around all the nations.

He has white eyes and black and white cloths more specifically he wears loose and baggy black pants.He wears a white shirt whist long sleeves that are black.

He very fun to be around but at times he is very serious and you can't get hs to crack a smile.

A black and white straight sword without a gaurd on it.

(From 1 to 80, and one stat can be 90 or 100)

Physical Attack -20
Physical Defense -10
Bending Defense -10
Bending Attack -10
Bending Ability -100
Speed -20
Stamina -10
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Ronoskai Wind Bender
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