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 Faita's RP Tests

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Admin/Earth King/Earth Master/Air Bender

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PostSubject: Faita's RP Tests   Fri Dec 19, 2008 11:25 am

Post you tests in a caption like this: ______'s Tests

You will get special ranks for passing the tests I put down, if you manage to get 100 on all of them you will get the title of Test Master in your name!

You may also have to take these tests because someone told you too and to even post you must know how to RP.

Test 1: Graphics

1. Make a Word Colored: such as this WORD

2. Bold A Word

3. Italics a Word

4. Underline a word

5. Strike a Word

6. Make a Spoiler:

7. Make an Image

8. Make a SIZED word

9. Make a Word with a dif. font

10. Make a Sentence using 5 or more of these

Test 2: Basic RPing

I want a 3 paragraph RP that you wrote that involves the techniques I taught you. This RP may be about anything. This will be marked by:

-Good RP, this is worth 3/10 your mark
-Has more than 1 Character, this is worth 2/10 your mark
-Uses techniques I mentioned, this is worth 5/10 your mark

Test 3: Advanced RPing

I want a 3 Paragraph enhanced writing RP of a story about a Purple Duck who lost his Cheese Stick and/or a story about Lord Jiraiya and his porno stories. This Test will be marked by:

-How good the story is, worth 2/10 your mark
-You followed rules, worth 4/10 your mark
-Used 5 or more code buttons, worth 4/10 your mark


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Faita's RP Tests
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