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 Kirai Kyzer

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PostSubject: Kirai Kyzer   Fri Dec 19, 2008 10:55 am

Kirai kyzer

What Style Of Bending:

Kirai was born in the Fire Nation, for as long as he could remember he didn't know his parents. He was raised by some local theives since he was small enough to fit in peoples windows. He was also trained how to persway, pick locks, and steal from booths. when he was older they were skills he would need. When he turned 7 the Guild, or gang, as the nation called they picket up a few new members. When this happened he was taught how to quitely and quickly steal items.

When he was 12 most of the guild was arrested, he was with-in the group but himself and some of the smaller members were able to fit thought the small holes from the blocked off ally they were cornered in. After that the group didn't have a leader, and they each went there own ways, a few tryed to free them, Kirai noticed a newpaper saying they all were caught. From there kirai decided that he was going to learn to Fire Bend then he could go back, he couldn't save them now, but he could help other theives later.
(Kirai is 16)


He doesn't look his age, kirai is short standing at 5' 3" he has a slim look for the times he's gone without eating, he also has naturally red eyes.

Kirai isn't someone who just trys to get into a fight, and he usually does a good job of not. He is they type of person who keeps to himself.

Twin Katanas

(From 1 to 80, and one stat can be 90 or 100)

Physical Attack - 66
Physical Defence - 70
Bending Defence - 40
Bending Attack - 80
Bending Ability - 60
Speed - 94
Stamina - 78
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PostSubject: Re: Kirai Kyzer   Fri Dec 19, 2008 10:58 am



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Kirai Kyzer
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